We provide all kinds of design consultancies and installations for Off-Grid solar power. Typical installations include from 100 W to 10 kW off grid systems. Off grid power plants are best suited for hilly and remote areas. It is the only solution for areas where state power grid is inaccessible or unfeasible.

Abner off Grid High Performance Systems were designed and engineered by using industry leading components to produce the most advanced, reliable and cost effective system on the market.

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When off grid, efficiency and reliability are paramount and a Abner High Performance System will give you the peace of mind knowing that your energy requirements are being supplied by the most advanced solar PV system on the market at the most competitive price possible.

We have carefully designed and integrated all components to ensure a reliable, safe, and code compliant off grid PV system. An off grid unit can be a single light or can run into many kilo watts.

Off grid units or power plants invariably has a battery bank to store energy. The power plants are designed and configured to service the loads directly by sun power during the sun shine hours. The excess energy will charge the battery bank. The energy stored in the battery bank is used during the non-sun shine hours.

The quality of power will be far superior to state grid power since later has many distortions. With the fall in battery prices and rapid advancement in battery technology, off grid solutions are proving more feasible and profitable. It is predicted that very soon off grid solar power will be economically on par with grid power (Grid parity).

Solar Panel

Charge Controller

Battery Bank


Main Switch Box

Consumer Loads

Back Up Generator