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Abner Corp Solar Power Plant in Maharashtra Accept Solar Energy Plant for a better future of our Earth.

Abner Corp Solar Power Plant in Maharastra Think That Go with a Clean and Renewable source of energy with us

Abner Corp Solar Power Plant in Maharashtra think Save the World by Low-Cost, No Pollution Solar Energy 

Abner Power Energy's is one of the Best solar power plant  in Maharashtra with customized offerings to meet the specific requirement of the customers through consulting and continuous assistance We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them quality Solar Power at a very competitive price Inconsistent with our capabilities, we would like to offer the following solutions to our prospective customer at their existing establishments and proposed future projects, which could help them to save the cost leading to direct financial benefits


The world is aware of the effects of global warming and resource exhaustion. Clean and Green Energy is the need of the hour. Abner Corp is a Mumbai based Solar Compny, with a view to contribute its share, has tried to work in the field of renewable energy. This venture will help in promoting green and renewable energy in order to help in reducing the problems associated with energy consumption and the greenhouse effect. We provide safe, reliable, and clean energy, which will benefit our world and our children.

By considering the climatic conditions of Maharashtra, it is very much favourable for harnessing of solar energy. As per survey by our business development team, we have found huge potential for the solar energy segment as well as combination of energy storage system based on solar energy. We have the world class technology, products and solutions for MW scale Solar PV Projects & Roof Top Grid & off Grid Connected projects in association with our technology partners and manufacturers from USA and Europe.

Expertise in Planning, Designing and implementing cost effective energy solutions

After working over the year as a Best Solar Power Plant Company in Mumbai, We became experts in it. We always try to plan how we can create cost-effective energy. As long as the sun rises for us, solar power rates always is in at affordable cost.  Your initial investment will on Solar Energy give benefit over the years.

Expertise in Electrical Engineering

Solar energy is all about electricity, and Our electrical engineers bring their expertise in developing solar energy in many ways which make us Best Solar Power Plant company in Mumbai. Our expertise design, develop, test and manage the manufacture of electrical components used in solar systems. They design electric circuit, inverters, wiring systems and so on with having the safety of customers in their mind.

Best Solar power plant company in jodhpur
Best Solar power plant company in jodhpur

Project Management & Execution : Bankable Solar Project

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, We used advanced technology to match optimal financing. Our strong financial and deep knowledge of how to use our experience enables us to ensure that our every customer receives the maximum return.our strong network all over the worldwide financial institution and investors give as confident to build the bankable solar project.

Value Engineering & Localization : Cost Optimization

Installing a solar energy system in your home or business has always been cost-effective. It is not only cost-effective but also efficient for use. Solar Panel can generate more energy beyond our expectations. So investing in Solar projects never be a bad decision in today's time.

Best Solar power plant company in jodhpur
Best Solar power plant company in jodhpur

Adoption of latest globally recognized technologies – Systems, processes & ERP

We use ERP Software in our industry enable businesses to have greater insight and visibility into our supply chain operations. It helps our businesses to become more time efficient and improve productivity by eliminating duplication and manual entry.